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The logo to the right (or below) symbolizes the 5 levels of experiences we have in life, which must, in my opinion, be understood, purified and directed, so we can rise above life’s challenges to provide the greatest opportunity of improving our health and becoming cancer-free

  • Green
    This is the physical level, where our physical body resides. It is here where cancer can manifest and if not properly addressed can ultimately lead to our body no longer being here. And it is here we must take action daily to eliminate cancer from our physical body. It is here where most people focus on improving their health by choosing wisely what they put into their body, by exercising their body, by detoxifying it, by organizing their environment and removing all potential carcinogens. However, this physical level is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more lying just below the surface, which has an enormous impact on our physical body and our overall health.
  • Red
    This is the emotional level. It is here where we experience not only joy and happiness, but also fear, stress, doubt, worry and anxiety. These negative emotions can weaken our immune system, which is counterproductive to our good health and becoming cancer-free. These feelings (emotions) are also effected by neurotransmitters in our physical body, but the neurotransmitters in turn are effected by what we focus on, by the thoughts we hold in our mind.
  • Blue
    This is the mental level. It is here where we experience thoughts and ideas. And it is here where we imagine. As Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” So it is here we must take care to hold in our mind and imagine solely what we only truly want to experience. We must make wise choices about where we place our attention. As Seneca wrote, “We are more frightened than hurt and we suffer more from imagination than reality.”
  • Lavender
    This is the level where we experience intuition. These insights can be where we receive guidance from our higher self, Spirit or God. This happens if we have trained ourselves to listen and we trust what we hear inwardly.
  • White
    This is the spiritual level, where we experience God, or Spirit, or whatever you want to call it. When we trust, surrender to, and heighten this connection, we provide ourselves the greatest opportunity to strengthen our intuition, then to purify and gain greater control of our thoughts, which then affects our emotions in a positive or negative way, which then ultimately affects our physical body and our overall health.
From my experience, to provide ourselves the greatest opportunity to become cancer-free, we must utilize a protocol which addresses all levels of our human experience. This is the purpose of Cancer-Free Blueprint.

I’m glad and honored to be part of your cancer-free journey.
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